holiday break wisdom tooth removal

Scheduling appointments for yourself or other family members can take quite a lot of juggling. This is especially the case if you have teens or college students’ schedules to work with. The holidays are a time when students return home and some parents are taking extra time off from work. This makes the holiday break an ideal time for wisdom teeth removal surgery. If you live in the Ellis County area and need to see an oral surgeon for a wisdom tooth consultation, Texas Institute of Oral, Facial and Implant Surgery still has openings through the remainder of the year.

Time to Rest and Recover After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many students who have wisdom teeth removed over a school break recover with more than enough time to get back to classes after they’ve healed. Within a few days, most of the swelling and discomfort will have gone away. And yes, they’ll be able to enjoy many of your favorite family foods, so there’s no need to worry about them missing Christmas dinner. Plus, being able to recover in the comfort of your family’s home with help from parents or friends is an added bonus and helps make the recovery process a lot smoother.

Not Every Wisdom Teeth Case Is The Same

Not all wisdom teeth extractions are the same. They vary in their degree of complexity, so don’t assume your family’s situation will involve a worst-case scenario. This can prevent many people from getting the care that they need because they assume the worst. When you come in to see our oral surgeon for a consultation, we will take a digital scan to determine the best type of wisdom tooth removal technique. Talking things through with our skilled oral surgeon will give you the reassurance you need to plan ahead for a wisdom tooth removal. Plus, it’s also a good opportunity to visit our office to make yourself familiar with our team and office environment where your surgery will be performed.

Take Advantage of Your Dental Benefits

Fitting in a wisdom tooth appointment near the end of the year will give you the opportunity to use up some of the unused insurance benefits you may have left over. You can use your policy’s benefits towards the removal of wisdom teeth before they expire, which is helpful to reduce the expense of the surgery. Our treatment coordinator will prepare the necessary paperwork needed to submit to your dental insurer so that you have a good idea of the type of coverage that will be available to your student’s oral surgery needs. It’s best to use them now, before they expire at the end of the year, as all unused insurance benefits typically expire on December 31st.

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We’ve performed countless wisdom tooth removal for teens and college students from the Midlothian, Waxahachie, Cedar Hill, and Mansfield communities. If you are concerned about your teen or college students’ wisdom teeth, the holiday break is a perfect time to talk with a specialist. Call Texas Institute of Oral, Facial and Implant Surgery today to reserve a no-obligation appointment.