Month: January 2020

Things You Have to Worry About After Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can affect almost anyone under the right conditions, and how it happens can differ from patient to patient. Because of this, some of the specific concerns surrounding the loss of your teeth may be unique to your oral health needs. Others, however, are common no matter what the reason for your tooth loss… Read more »

If Your Wisdom Teeth Hurt, It May Be an Emergency

Despite the fact that it doesn’t always seem like it, any pain or discomfort in your tooth should be treated as an emergency situation. It often indicates a problem that, whether minor or severe, will gradually get worse the longer you ignore it. When it comes to your wisdom teeth (third molars), pain and discomfort… Read more »

The Advantages of Implant-Supported Full-Arch Restoration

Of the many different impacts that can result from tooth loss, the loss of more teeth is one of the most important ones. If you hesitate to address the condition, you may have to replace more than just a single tooth by the time you seek treatment. In severe cases, this can mean the loss… Read more »

Why More Tooth Loss Patients Are Choosing Dental Implants

Tooth loss isn’t something that everyone has to deal with, but for those who do, dental implants have become increasingly more popular as the best solution for it. When you experience tooth loss, the best way to restore your smile is to replace all of your lost tooth structure, which includes the roots that support… Read more »