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Spring Break Wisdom Tooth Exams

midlothian waxahachie wisdom teeth

Spring break is a great time to catch up on doctor visits, dentist’s appointments, and yes, your teen’s wisdom tooth exams. If you are a high school student in Midlothian, Waxahachie, Cedar Hill, Mansfield, or coming home from college for a few days, consider taking advantage of your break to schedule a wisdom tooth exam… Read more »

Yes, There’s Time To Fit in Wisdom Teeth Removal Over The Holiday Break

holiday break wisdom tooth removal

Scheduling appointments for yourself or other family members can take quite a lot of juggling. This is especially the case if you have teens or college students’ schedules to work with. The holidays are a time when students return home and some parents are taking extra time off from work. This makes the holiday break… Read more »

Does My Teen Need Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that your teen will develop. Typically, a wisdom tooth can make an appearance on X-rays during early adolescence or continue developing well into a person’s late 20s. But the teen or college years tend to be the most common time for third molars to evaluated and if… Read more »