Questions About Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery can describe several different procedures that are designed to improve the size, shape, symmetry, mass, density, and/or alignment of your oral structures. By fortifying your dental ridge’s health and integrity, we can help you substantially improve the foundation of your entire smile.

What can corrective jaw surgery fix?

The need for corrective jaw surgery isn’t extremely common. Procedures are may be recommended to correct a congenital abnormality in the bone, such as one side being shorter than the other, or to help repair  damage sustained from emergency dental trauma. Corrective jaw surgery may also help you improve certain aspects of your oral health and/or bite function, such as improving your bite’s balance to alleviate TMJ disorder or helping to treat certain severe speech impediments.

How do I know if I need the surgery?

Depending on the specific reason why you need corrective jaw surgery, your condition may or may not be obvious. For example, some discrepancies can visibly affect your facial appearance, while others may not be noticeable, but impact your bite’s proper function. The only way to know for sure if surgery is necessary and if it can help improve your oral health is with a comprehensive examination at our office.

Will I need IV sedation?

Because corrective jaw surgery is a hospital procedure, your treatment will be performed under safe, carefully monitored general anesthesia.

What if I need further treatment?

Corrective jaw surgery can often be an important part of a more comprehensive smile restoration plan. For example, if your bite is severely imbalanced, it may be combined with orthodontic treatment to fully realign your teeth and oral structures. If you plan on receiving dental implants to replace one or more lost teeth, then surgery may help fortify your dental ridge in preparation of them.

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