Month: June 2022

 What is a Traumatic Bone Cyst?

bone cyst surgery

Did you know you can develop a cyst within your jaw bone? This is one area of the body a lot of people don’t consider a place they should be concerned about when checking for cysts or tumors. That’s why dental checkups are important; so issues like a traumatic bone cyst can be spotted and… Read more »

Look Your Best this Summer with Botox!

botox ellis county midlothian waxahachie

If you’re considering simple, effective ways to enhance your look this summer, why not give Botox Cosmetics a try?! Botox is a safe non-surgical option for improving your appearance and can make a big impact without having to undergo extensive (or irreversible) cosmetic surgeries. In the past, Botox was synonymous movie stars and socialites. But… Read more »

College Student Home? Schedule a Wisdom Teeth Consult!

wisdom teeth removal

If they aren’t already, your college student will probably be homeward bound sometime soon. They probably have a million plans set, places they want to go, or friends they want to catch up with. You, on the other hand, are probably more concerned about their health and if they have been taking care of themself… Read more »