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How to Know It’s Time to Remove a Wisdom Tooth

When wisdom teeth (or third molars) start to cause problems due to impaction, the need to extract them can become a pressing one. However, wisdom tooth impaction can occur in many different ways, and the severity of the symptoms aren’t always the same for everyone. In many cases, these symptoms may not be immediately noticeable… Read more »

What Wisdom Tooth Extraction Accomplishes

Some people know enough about wisdom teeth – the common name for third molars – that they almost expect theirs to cause trouble at some point, even if they haven’t yet. Others may be completely surprised when their wisdom teeth start to hurt, believing that theirs were growing and developing just fine. When wisdom teeth… Read more »

What Patients Often Ask About Wisdom Teeth

When most people think of wisdom teeth, they think of impaction, which is a common problem that affects many patients after their third molars start to develop. Perhaps because of their well-known reputation, though, patients often have even more questions when they learn their wisdom teeth are developing, but they haven’t experienced any problems with… Read more »

If Your Wisdom Teeth Hurt, It May Be an Emergency

Despite the fact that it doesn’t always seem like it, any pain or discomfort in your tooth should be treated as an emergency situation. It often indicates a problem that, whether minor or severe, will gradually get worse the longer you ignore it. When it comes to your wisdom teeth (third molars), pain and discomfort… Read more »