Of the many different impacts that can result from tooth loss, the loss of more teeth is one of the most important ones. If you hesitate to address the condition, you may have to replace more than just a single tooth by the time you seek treatment. In severe cases, this can mean the loss of most or all of the healthy, natural teeth on your upper or lower dental ridge. By designing a personalized full-arch restoration plan, we can help you rebuild your dental ridge with a series of dental implant posts and a custom-made complete denture.

What does full-arch restoration mean?

Your upper and lower dental ridges, or arches, are vital to your ability to bite and chew your foods, enunciate your speech clearly, uphold your surrounding facial structures, and much more. Their function relies heavily on full rows of teeth and the roots that support them, and that function can diminish with every tooth lost. In cases of severe tooth loss, the impacts to your oral health bite function can also be severe, which makes restoring your arch (or arches) essential to restoring your smile. A full-arch restoration plan is one designed to help your dental ridges regain their full function with the help of a dental implant-supported restoration.

The benefits of fully restoring your smile

As tooth loss becomes more severe, the effects that it can lead to become increasingly more noticeable. Some of these directly impact your quality of life, such as your ability to bite and chew your food comfortably and the appearance of your smile. Others, however, can have deeper, more profound impacts, such as the loss of support for any remaining healthy teeth on the arch, and the supportive bone structure underneath them. With full-arch restoration, we can help you address the obvious and the less noticeable impacts of tooth loss to help improve the long-term health and integrity of your smile.

How to minimize your treatment process

Given the severity of complete tooth loss on your dental ridge, the process of rebuilding your arch is a comprehensive one. Such extreme tooth loss may have already had a negative impact on the tissues and oral structures, and the process of placing your dental implants will require oral surgery. However, our goal is always to minimize the extent of your treatment and the impact it can have on the rest of your oral health and structures. For example, in many cases, we can plan full-arch restoration to support your complete denture on just four strategically placed implant posts.

Find out if you qualify for full-arch restoration

Rebuilding one or both of your dental arches after suffering severe tooth loss can help you not only rebuild your smile, but also regain a higher quality of life as a result. To schedule your consultation, call the Texas Institute of OFI Surgery in Midlothian, TX, today at 469-649-8259. We also serve patients who live in Dallas, Mansfield, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Desoto, Red Oak, Waxahachie, Ft. Worth, and all surrounding communities.