Tooth loss isn’t something that everyone has to deal with, but for those who do, dental implants have become increasingly more popular as the best solution for it. When you experience tooth loss, the best way to restore your smile is to replace all of your lost tooth structure, which includes the roots that support them. At our Midlothian, TX, office, we offer custom dental implant treatment to help most patients fully recover from tooth loss and enjoy healthier, fuller, and more attractive smiles for life.

What dental implants do

A dental implant (specifically, the dental implant post) is designed to mimic and replace natural teeth roots. Unlike traditional tooth replacement options, which can only restore the visible crowns of your teeth, implants are the only solution that can reestablish the roots that support and sustain your healthy, natural teeth. To accomplish this, dental implant posts are crafted from highly biocompatible material, such as titanium. After the implant is placed, it can support your custom prosthesis with almost as much stability as a natural tooth root.

The benefits of enhanced support

The ability to replace lost teeth roots is a unique capability of dental implants, and it has more profound benefits for your oral health than you might realize at first. For instance, the improved stability and comfort may be obvious when you bite and chew your food, but you may not immediately notice the stimulation that helps keep your dental ridge strong and healthy. With dental implants, you can enjoy several important benefits over more traditional options, including:

  • More realism from your restoration
  • Greater function, comfort, and stability
  • Reduced risks further tooth loss
  • No shifting or slipping of your restoration
  • And more

Dental implants and your oral health

By preserving the health and integrity of your oral structures, dental implants also offer another highly important advantage for the future of your smile. After experiencing tooth loss, you can be at a much higher risks of losing more due to the loss of your teeth roots. Dental implants help ensure that your smile’s supportive foundation remains stimulated, which helps prevent the effects that can increase your future oral health risks.

Learn if you should choose dental implants

With the ability to offer more lifelike replacement teeth, complete with biocompatible roots, dental implant restorations are becoming increasingly more popular for tooth loss patients. To schedule your consultation, call the Texas Institute of OFI Surgery in Midlothian, TX, today at 469-649-8259. We also serve patients who live in Dallas, Mansfield, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Desoto, Red Oak, Waxahachie, Ft. Worth, and all surrounding communities.