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Botox has gained popularity over the years and for good reason. Botox cosmetics are a non-invasive treatment option to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The injectable Botox is made from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum that produces a toxin that blocks nerve signaling. With same day treatment Botox is convenient, safe, fast, and effective. Keep reading to learn more about how Botox works and what to expect from treatments.

Botox in Midlothian: What to Expect 

Botox works by blocking the nerve signals that tell your facial muscles to contract. In turn this provides a softened appearance to the face, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles! It really is that simple. Often these are the wrinkles caused by smiling, laughing and squinting. It’s important to know that Botox injections are temporary, and maintenance must be kept up with to see lasting effects. This can be good news for anyone that’s nervous about permanent plastic surgery procedures or are first timers, as Botox’s effects typically last a few months, eventually fading back to what the facial skin appeared like prior to injections. This can be an attractive quality of Botox treatment for those that may be nervous their first time trying a facial injection. 

Preventative Measures for Anti-Aging Benefits

Botox can also serve as a preventative treatment to the aging process. Many dermatologists even recommended starting Botox injections as a proactive measure as early as your 20’s! While wrinkles may not be on your mind when your skin is young and vibrant, Botox injections at this early age can prevent deepening of wrinkles and creasing over time. This does not mean that at 30 or 40 you are too old to get cosmetic injectables; it’s simply a different approach to prevention. 

Maintenance Over Time

People who use Botox need to know that their treatment should be maintained through semi-regular injections, as it is not a one and done procedure. Typically, Botox is repeated every 3-4 months. Others can get away with pushing it 5-6 months depending on treatment outcome. Maintenance will heavily depend on the individual and can be determined with your Botox provider.

Procedure: Getting Botox in Ellis County

Anyone who has received a Botox injection will usually tell you it is a quick pinch and worth the results. Topical numbing cream or a cold compress can be used to help lessen the initial pinch from the injection. It’s normal to have some minor soreness after the procedure is completed and possible bruising at the injection site or even mild redness. Typically, this only lasts a few days and does not impact your normal daily routines.

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