Midlothian wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom tooth removal isn’t a rite of passage into adulthood, but there are some stages of life when it’s better than others to go ahead and have them removed. Like during the summer months, when your teen or young adult is between classes or about to head off to college.



More Time for R&R


Summer wisdom tooth extractions mean you won’t have to rush the recovery and get your student straight back to school. And if you’re still working from home, your teen can recover while you’re there by their side.



Avoid Emergencies Off at College


If your teen is at-risk for infected or impacted wisdom teeth, it’s usually a matter of time before the pain starts. Planning a wisdom tooth removal before your student leaves for college provides a safety net of unnecessary pain or dental emergencies when you aren’t there to help. Instead, they can focus on their studies (and yes, having fun.)



Scheduling Around Jobs and Summer Camp


Lots of teens enjoy heading off to sports or church camps, getting a summer job, and just sleeping in while they have the time. Now that places are opening back up again, chances are that your family’s schedule is filling up quicker than it has in over a year. Make a list of the weeks that are free and try to arrange your teen’s wisdom tooth removal while there is still availability during those dates.



DFW Wisdom Tooth Extractions


Texas Institute of Oral, Facial & Implant Surgery is located at the center of Dallas, Ellis, Tarrant, and Hill Counties, providing convenient access to wisdom tooth treatments and sedation dentistry in DFW. If your teen is experiencing symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth or about to head off to college this fall, request a consultation with us today.