Today’s dental implants (Midlothian) are the next best thing to having natural teeth. Their integrity, streamlined design, and biocompatibility are superior to any other type of tooth replacement. Yet, many people are hesitant about dental implant treatment because of unknowns. For instance, how comfortable can the process actually be?



“Easier Than Having a Tooth Removed”


The minimally invasive nature of a single-tooth dental implant treatment makes the process quite more comfortable than most people realize. In fact, in some situations (each patient must be accessed separately, of course) it’s possible to place an implant using only local anesthetic. Then again, a majority of people prefer to have some type of sedation during their surgery, simply to “tune things out.”


All of that being said, if you’ve ever had a tooth extracted you can rest easy. Getting a dental implant and the brief recovery afterward is typically easier than a routine extraction.



Readily Accepted by Your Body


The biocompatibility of implants naturally attracts the surrounding bone tissues around them. This characteristic allows the implant to integrate with your bone and become a permanent part of your smile. After the implant is placed, you’ll want to wait a few months for it to fully integrate. However, the only irritation you’re likely to notice is in the gums at the site of placement. Fortunately, gum tissue heals quite quickly, so we’ll set you up with everything you need to minimize irritation in the meantime.



What About More Complex Cases? 


When it comes to replacing multiple teeth or full-arch restoration, the dental implant process can be a bit more complex. The great news is that thanks to 3D imaging, sedation dentistry, and the help of an implant specialist on your side, you can enjoy a comfortable and predictable experience.


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