Today’s modern tooth replacement options, like dental bridges and dentures, are typically designed to blend in almost seamlessly with your healthy, natural teeth. The importance of this goes beyond the restoration’s appearance, though. Mimicking the size, shape, and contour of your natural teeth also makes the restoration more able to restore your bite’s ability to function properly. Yet, without the help of dental implants, even the most lifelike restoration lacks the ability to mimic the support of your natural teeth. By providing it with this support, dental implants can enhance your restoration in several important ways.

They give roots to your replacement teeth

The overarching difference between implant restorations and traditional ones is the fact that dental implants give your restoration one or more prosthetic roots. Though it may seem like a simple difference, the implications of giving your restoration root-like posts can be profound. For your restoration, it means you can enjoy greater stability and eliminate the chance of your restoration slipping. For your long-term oral health, it means you finally have a solution for reestablishing the stimulation that your lost teeth roots used to provide.

They make biting and chewing more stable

One of the most significant functions of your healthy teeth roots is to stabilize the crowns of your teeth as you bite and chew. Your bite can exert an enormous amount of force, and being anchored to your dental ridge with one or more implant posts is essential for your teeth to absorb it all. With root-like posts providing the same support for your replacement teeth, your restoration can bite and chew with nearly as much comfort and stability. In the long run, this also helps preserve the strength and integrity of your other teeth and the structures that support them.

They do more for your long-term oral health

The bone structure that supports and sustains your teeth roots along your dental ridge can be significantly impacted by the loss of your teeth roots. They rely on each other, as the ridge structure holds the root in place while the root stimulates it when you bite and chew. This relationship is interrupted when you’ve lost one or more teeth roots, and the results can include the gradual weakening of the ridge’s bone structure. In addition to their many other benefits, dental implants are the only way to restore this stimulation and preserve your long-term oral health more successfully.

Learn if implants can improve your replacement teeth

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